André Mkandwire


I am currently working at the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria, responsible for Political/Cultural/Media Affairs. My background is in Social Anthropology and my main areas of interests have been focused around culture and questions of identity. I decided to embark on a different route and went on to study Journalism. Writing has always been an essential - existential - part of my life. Disillusioned by journalism – at least the soul destroying part of it – I opted for, yet again, a different path; Communications. The last 10 years of my professional career I have worked with Communications in the private sector, Governmental institutions and NGO's. I have gained expertise in understanding the communicational requirements of organizations and in being able to find solutions to whatever needs that may arise. It's not about finding the "right" technical tools but more about understanding the ins and outs of communication; having an abiding interest in the world around you and how it interacts – whether it is person to person, word by moth, through text or social media. Curiosity never killed no Cat, ignorance did.

  • Work
    • Embassy of Sweden, Pretoria South Africa