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Alyssa Katon

Alyssa Katon

I chose to reflect on the strength referred to as woo. This is my top strength as chosen by the StrengthsQuest assessment. I would think of this 'strength' as someone who enjoys initiating with strangers and someone who enjoys the challenge of meeting new people. I chose this strength as I believe that it is essential to my personality. Without initiating with others I have not come in contact with, I would not be as outgoing and open to new people and their ideas as I am today. In addition, I feel that this strength influences my personal, social, and academic life. I say this because if I was not open to new things and people, I would be an introvert who would not enjoy interacting with others. As I teacher I plan to interact with those of all ages for many years. This is something that someone without woo would be unable to be successful at.

For my Ohio State Traditions assignment I chose to focus on Script Ohio. I highlighted its history and why it became such a big deal at this University. I included that I enjoy the tradition because of its sense of community and the fact that it brings millions together to celebrate and appreciate one thing and one thing only. What I learned from this assignment that will help me in the future is knowing this tradition is something that I can fall back on no matter where I am in years to come. I have seen buckeye fans around the globe who all talk about and enjoy script ohio and that is why I think it is such a neat thing to experience.

My Lessons for a First-Year Buckeye allowed me to reflect on the lessons I have learned as a college freshman. I talked about getting involved, going to class, and being open to new things. These are all things I have struggled with since being here. Making sure to follow my own advice will help me both now and in the future. I say this because being open to others will help me when not judging those I work with or for, and having fun will push me to let loose outside of a work setting. This is really important when trying to keep a good balance in life. This assignment was really helpful when reflecting on what I have learned about myself since I have gotten here as taking time to think about it does not usually happen.