Amir Mekherbeche

French student in final year at Monpellier Business School (France).

I willdescribe my way to lead as “Management is doing things right; leadership isdoing the right things” a quote from Peter F Drucker.

Doing thethings rights, it is adopting an attitude of excellence next to what I want toshow from myself. It is to avoid mediocrity to do things the best I can.

Teamwork,it is require from others what I require from me, which means the best, I amalways searching to do my work as best as possible, not be careless.

Staypositive, having a positive attitude no matter what the problem is, be creative,innovate and ask the adequate questions in order to understand each other andbe more efficient.

I cannotmake a project if there is no organization, no policy to follow. It isimportant to structure the team and what surrounds it.

It is alsoknow federate a way of thinking, be present for the others inside the team andthe opposite must be also true.