Ashley Lang

What I Bring to the Workplace:

Significant Time Management Skills, Excellent Leadership Abilities, Exceptional Communication Skills, Highly Regarded Work Ethic, Very Adaptable, Event Promotions, Team Player

Computer Skills: Proficient use of Mac or PC, Google AdWords, Microsoft Office (Certified in Excel and Powerpoint), Zoho (CRM), and Social Media


Travel, Music, 8tracks, Concerts, Kickboxing, Exercising Imagination, Party Planning, Art, Drawing, Design, Sewing, Building, Reading, Science Fiction, To Do Lists, Connecting With Others, Flowers, Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese.


About me. This is one of the most common phrases that a company comes across when reviewing perspective candidates. I, however, believe that the phrase should simply be "Me". I am Me. I have lived for 25 years with an open mind experiencing all that I can, whether that be traveling around the world, skydiving in Australia, or attending science fiction conventions. Now, imagine this science fiction enthusiast exercising regularly, specifically, kickboxing. My love of kickboxing seems ironic, considering I am the size of most of the punching bags, also contradicting my mini-obsession with video games and Pokémon. The events of my life have created Me, a well-rounded, professional woman that should not be underestimated.