Anna Laidlaw

Hi I'm Anna and I'm 38.

I suffer with Bipolar Disorder...Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder. I Have In The Past Battled With Self Harm...Bulimia...Post Natal Depression And Addictions.

I set up this blog on the back of 2 other projects I have Make Progress Mental Health Support Page and Make Progress - Depression..Addiction..Bipolar Support Group. These are both FB sites.

Life has dealt me like lots of other people a real shitty card...I always wanted to use my experience to help others but I couldn't get any where near the qualifications and as you know consistancy is our strong point...There's nothing around here that I could volunteer at...not without travelling about 40 minutes and that too is a no no for me. So I came up with creating a support group and page...and I love to see that we make a difference. It's like a community and we all chat like friends.

When I created WordPress...I was looking at it from a support perspective but I quickly realised this isn't the site for I'm going to post lots of different blogs one's I wrote about subjects...personal anything else that crops up.

I hope you enjoy reading my page...If so feel free and follow me :-)

If any of you do feel you need someone to talk to please don't hesitate in contacting me

Anna xx