Ammaarah Khan

Many people ask me why I'm so fascinated by politics at such a young age and why I get so emotional about it. And then they tell me that since I'm young, I can't do anything, so why do I bother keeping up? My answer to those people is always the same. First, in order to be the leaders of tomorrow, we need to see what the leaders of today have to offer. That's why my homepage is Huffington Post's political section. Because without knowing the past, a good future is hard to make. By knowing what mistakes are currently being made, teach us how to get through a known crisis and build a better future. And to top that off, I don't wish to be ignorant. I want to know, to learn --- that when I do vote, I choose the people I know that will help our country, our towns, our people. I do not want to pick my leaders blindly, rather I want to research, starting now...

American Muslim. Fighter for public education. Student Activist. Rutgers University undergrad wanting to make a difference. HuffPost blogger. Has crush on our vice president, Joe Biden. :)

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