Amanda Hatheway

Portland, Oregon

I've always been the go-to gal when people have needed an innovative solution. Whether people seek advice or collaboration, it's always a pleasure to cultivate creativity. My Arts & Letters (basically meaning Liberal Arts & English) major allowed me to explore many areas of interest while extensively challenging myself inside and outside of school. To top it off (and try to exhibit I am well-rounded), I achieved a Bachelor's of Science degree to expand my knowledge further.

"Bored"​ isn't a word in my personal vocabulary: In work and life, there is always a multitude of tasks to be done.

Learning and improving myself constantly has made me into a fast, astute learner who is results-driven, and chalk-full of integrity and initiative. I love having fun just as much as anybody, but I tend to work more and play later. I am authentic and responsible; possessing intellectual humility, I learn a lot from mistakes or failures and am logical about situations. With careful attention to detail, my passion is to build dynamic and effective content for companies that achieve real results.

I'm constantly trying to learn and be educated on many topics -- I've been known to watch TED Talks and read non-fiction and take notes. I actually miss learning, research and writing.

Now known for my vegan style and life blog, Fashion Vedge, my goal is to advocate for animals; promoting the absence of their use in all products and purchases. Come over to FV to learn more.




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    • Fashion Vedge
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    • Portland State University