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Ammanda Olausson

"In the flower in the sun I see Amanda. Around the world, around the pole she Rays, she smiles. In the spirit of roses, in the spring wind gust, the grape must, I know Amanda.When golden harp sounds, when the west extends to the whirring wings, Amanda I hear. Everything, angel, irradiates your heavenly figure, like creators of all your deity to paint. " - Erik Johan Stagnelius, poet.

Young's ability in Uddevalla with multiple engagements across a wide area of interests. Educator in rhetoric, writing and orally, and trainer in singing and breathing techniques. Although local reporter in Västra Götaland, Bohusläningen. Should under the 2013 begin studies at Karlstad University, Bachelor of Arts degree with psychology topics. After this, take courses in nutrition and project management at the University of Gothenburg.

One way, my way.