Dr Ammar Al-Bazi


2005-2010 PhD in simulation modelling and optimisation University of Teesside, UK Supervised by Professor Nashwan Dawood and Dr John Dean Graduation Year: 2010 Thesis Title: Using Simulation-Based Genetic Algorithm to Solve Complex Crew Allocation Problems in Labour-Intensive Industries Projects: DTI project to develop precast concrete plants around the UK. This collaborative project has been funded by the British Precast Association (BPA)

2007-2008 University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development (UCAPD), School of Computing, University of Teesside, UK September 2007.

2006-2007 University Certificate in Professional Development (UCPD), School of Computing, University of Teesside, UK September 2006.

2004-2005 Development Programme: Higher Education Management Course, University of Birmingham, UK, 2004.

1998-1999 Teaching Certificate, Technical Institute, Ministry of higher education and scientific research, Iraq (1998)

1995-1998 MSc in Operational Research: Average of Courses: 75.85%, Average of thesis: 85%, Graduation Average: 77.88% University of Baghdad, Iraq Supervised by Professor Abdul Majeed Hamza and Professor Ahmed Abdul Sahib Graduation Year: 1998 Thesis Title: Developing Stochastic Models for the Mosul Dam Discharges and the Optimisation Operation Model. Projects: This study has been sponsored by Iraqi ministry of water resource, Al-Iraq Company for execution irrigation projects.

1991-1995 BSc (First Honour) in Operational Research: Graduation Average 80.55% Al-Mansour University College, Iraq HUhttp://www.muciraq.com/home.htmlU Supervised by Assistant Professor Saad Al-Abdali Graduation Year: 1995 Thesis Title: Using Linear Programming Technique to Optimise Agriculture Resource Plans.


Al-Bazi, A., and Dawood, N. (2011) 'Development of a Crew Allocation-Based Simulation Optimisation Model to Improve Off-Site Precast Concrete Production Operations'. Proceedings of the OR53 International Conference, 'OR53 International Conference'. Held 06-08 Sep 2011 in Nottingham, UK. 71-76

Al-Bazi, A., and Dawood, N. (2010) 'Developing Crew Allocation System for Labour Intensive Industries Using Genetic Algorithms'. Journal of Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. Available from http://wwwm.coventry.ac.uk/bic/Documents/112