Ammar Brohi

Miami, Florida, United States

Howdy Folks!, I am Ammar Hassan Brohi a.k.a Freak !

Right now I am serving as a Penetration Tester and Information Security Analyst. Sometime I code tools in Python and Ruby (Metasploit). Except that I am Web and App Developer (Sometimes Freelance).

Currently writing two books:

1) WLAN Hacking: Guide for WLAN Pentesting. It am writing this not just to tell you guys how to Pwn WLAN but actually what attacks can be performed after WLAN key, That can help us in Penetration Testing.

2) Violent XSS , From alert(1); to root about Cross- Site- Scripting, for those people who thinks its Lame. Showing them how a simple XS





Music Production:


5 Dec 1998 : Freak was Born.

2004: Wrote first HTML

2005: Mastered HTML & CSS

2007: Visual Basic 6.0, Basics of Javascript, Photoshop,

2008: Visual Basic 2008, Chroma Keying, C-Language, C++, Official Web Designer, Web Dev Teacher

2009: Performed Umraah <3

For the rest Shit, Go to linked in ;)

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