Ammar Rafi


A a self-driven, motivated person, a responsible and sympathetic person. Not a self-centered but a responsible one. An affable and amenable friend. A staunch and reliable colleague. A strong believer in God and his every plan of actions, whatever he does or intend to do is best for us, like it or not, we have to go through his ploy. That belief made me whatever I'm today. I wasn't always like this, my life took a turn when I had a accident, which made me paraplegic, fractured spine from T8 & T9. Now I'm the part of "Spinal Cord Injury Group" and living happily with it. That's when I stepped into "The Life after Spinal Cord Injury [SCI]". Although I'm wheelchair bound but this never stopped me to live the life as I want to. But still, this doesn't explain me who I'm. Well folks, I'm a social activist, a blogger, a writer, speaker and a team leader. Professionally I'm a database consultant and a businessman as well. I like to work for poor & needy people. I love to spend time with disabled ones, to encourage them, to never give up, to motivate them.

  • Education
    • Computer Science in Database