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RESEARCH INTERESTS My current research centres on the simulation modelling and optimisation of combinatorial or complex manufacture systems using Artificial Intelligence tools. My other interests focus on spatial simulation, enterprise simulation, intelligence simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, and heuristic searching engines.

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK (2010 – Onwards) Since June 2010, I have been appointed as a consultant in the Truck Train project. This project is a £1.2m project funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) with one of the main aims being to reduce CO2 emissions of containerised freight transport. This is to be achieved by facilitating the movement of freight containers from road to rail. Coventry University contribution is £133k and this project started in 2010 and will finish in 2012 (Project duration: thirty three months). The project seeks to introduce a computer based brokerage centre which will identify the cost, availability, timings and capacity for container transportation from port to destination. The brokerage centre will default to a road option if no rail option is available. The system will also be capable of delivering benefits to parties moving containers in a domestic-domestic scenario, as well as the domestic – export situation.