Ammon Who

I’m a 25 yo in a 65 yo body. Husband (separated since 2002), father of 5, grandpa of 9.

Author (small business, direct selling). I create intellectual property, advise on marketing, branding, advertising, personal productivity and LEVERAGE — working less and earning more! I wrote kids’ musicals when my kids were younger.

Intelligent, articulate, wry sense of humour, incorrigible and fearless* warrior-philosopher, professional writer, speaker and entrepreneur. I'm interested in people, ideas, creativity, visual and performing arts, spirituality, innovation and sheer joy of life.

I'm committed to principles, not dogma or doctrinaire politics. I detest hypocrisy, venality, bigotry, brutality, betrayal, boorishness and bad manners. I'm easy-going, fun-loving, mix with anyone and make friends easily. They tend to be fiercely loyal and protective, like me. I'm ferocious in defending the defenceless and understand commitment. I make waves in pursuit of just causes, but I don't crowd, I'm not possessive and I'm non-judgmental. I'm generous, tolerant and forgiving. I embrace change and I'm at ease with myself. (Aand these are all observations by my adult kids.)

I'm articulate, engaging, erudite... passionate and outgoing at times, reserved and introspective at others. But I'm not moody or intimidating (I can be intellectually intimidating, but it's rare and unintentional). I'm the eternal optimist... a pragmatic visionary.

I create intellectual property and enjoy an international reputation. But there's no ego to feed and I invest emotion only in people, not ideas, money or 'stuff.'

I also have Asperger's Syndrome, a neurological condition on the mild/genius end of the autism spectrum. I'm very mildly effected and exceptionally self-aware and I deal with it. But I prize integrity, so I mention it now... I'm an open book. I share this condition with some well known Aspies including Einstein, Edison, Newton, Mozart and Bill Gates.

We have difficulty judging what value others place on information, so we tend to "dump" it and let them decide.

Just like this profile. *lol*

(The associated risk is that body language is invisible to us, so I won't see your eyes glaze over. Sorry 'bout that!)

Please note: I'm not looking for love. Just friendship and conversation.