Ana Milena Mora C.

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I was born on August 18, 1977 in Colombia (South America) . I am the oldest of 5 brothers and now the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Laura , born January 9, 2013 .

I have been happily married for almost seven years with a wonderful human being , Pedro Blanco , with whom I have spent the best years of my life. I am a Doctor - General Practitioner and even though I am now dedicated to raise my daughter.

For that I am extremely grateful with my husband since he gave me the opportunity of letting me take care of my daughter and at the same time calmly enjoying doing so (thanks puchi, I you love you! ).

Everything started when we received my husband's first spermiogram on June 29th of 2011 (seven months after our desicion of having a baby). We tried for almost 7 months to get pregnant with several failed attempts, so we went to the gynecologist office. We never imagined that we would face a severe male infertility situation so they were days when we tested our faith, love, unity, attraction’s vortex and my logic.

The medical statistics were quite discouraging but not trying was worse than failure itself. I want to confess that I as a physician had to fight with my own logic, probability, risks, etc., to make the process but to develop our spirituality sometimes we need our floor shaking and our roof raising. The miracle began on April 2nd, 2012.

I wanted to make this blog since Laura's birth is a miracle of the Creator and an experience worth telling.

It is with great joy that I It is a joy for me each of the letters published there, both the history of fertilization, as well as the tips that I will publish, because definitely raising a child requires tips, experiences from other mothers, expert information, and overall, ALL that we can get in those moments that we literally "do not know what to do".

That is why I have published all those little things that helped me a lot in these months of "beautiful madness" for the lives of many women who live or will live this challenging experience of being a mother.
I hope you enjoy this site and that you share it with your love ones.

With Love, Ana.