Ammu Nair

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I am what I am and I am loving it.
Born on 09-09-90

I belive in doing what I feel is right even if it is wrong so that I know at least I tried

Can’t define myself in one word as there is no word that can describe me…
I love dancing, an art to let your emotions out without letting anyone know what’s in your head
I love surfing the net, as I love checking out kids name and their meaning
I love cooking only when I am mood too, vegetarian by choice and has parent who are die-hard non veg lovers, recent encounters with that happened and i must say it was feeling vey nice to get appriciated by others, love checking out recipe and making it and the success rate 4/5 but it helps you to learn from mistakes and at the end you do it well
I love reading my first book was Tinkle then I have a collection of digest,double digest and magazine. My first official novel was “THE GIRL WHO KISSED THE FROG” and after few pages I was done with books. After my graduation, I visited a book shop and found “BUT I LOVE YOU” and then all changed proud owner of 175 Indian novel 100 tinkle collection.
Now come what I am famous for i love talking. I can talk on anything to anyone anywhere. Most of the times I am asked to keep quiet. My friends call me chatter box, they even compare me from Jab we mets kareena jo apne aapki favourite hai
That’s me….
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  • Education
    • MSc computer science
    • Mba Information Systems