michelle scott


Michelle is an internet marketer for SKYCIG Website which offers SKYCIG Refills to individuals. Her job provides her with the opportunity of learning a lot of things about the other options to quit smoking. As smoking will surely not do any good to one's body, she has also considered the fact that there are people today who have been dependent to it. Using her work as a platform, she gets to reach out to those who are having difficulties in quitting with SKYCIG Kits.

Work in Skycig

SKYCIG Refills are made accessible through Skycig. As more usually known, electronic cigarettes have been in the market for a long time and have made it easier for many smokers to quit. With this, those who have been dependent on smoking will not feel any troubles in quitting. Apart from from it looks almost the same to a real cigarette, it also produces a vapor like that of real one.