Amna "Guevara's Mind" W.Hassan

Ismailia, Egypt

Hi,my name is Amna wasfy hassan.NickName(Amonitta bonita) DON'T FORGET ;)) i'am egyptian,palestinian mix, i was born in egypt ismailia. in 7/9/1994!فى سياحه والعيشه مرتاحه All My Mind is guevara ♥ i speak 2 languages well ( english & spanish) and also arabic and my french is not bad :).! i'm interested to many things like . reading music,blogging,coffee, cooking "make sweets" and i like playing guitar.!I like the discussion is so crazy! :D i drink too much coffee and laugh too loud. sleep-much.

editor-n-chief (Elset-bahyya el masryya blog).,i have a lot of hobbies..but there's only two hobbies i doing a lot ( thinking and writing)! ,I want to be an Egyptian Guevara! :)

I'am mad for Reggaetone and Wisin y Yandel drive me crazy! *.* JHONNY DEPP Big Fan ,Maaad For him♥ " Yandeliitaah Nachowiita FarruKiitah".

and Belive Me : If I Agreed With You, we'd both be wrong! :)

thank you ! :))

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    • Blogger at elset-bahyya blog
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    • Faculty of tourism and hotels