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7 effective ways to increase instagram followers without spending money

Instagram is a multidimensional social working site which has now become a household name. The application is basically a way through which can upload their desired pictures, videos and now with the new feature even stories. It also allows the user to chat with their friends and peers, making it an all in one place for socializing. Instagram since the beginning has been evolving and with every new change it gets better than before. Recently it has taken over the internet world by storm. It’s the new ‘IN’ thing. Prominent speakers, celebrities, sportsmen or be it a normal person, everyone is in a constant race to gain the most amount of followers. The number of followers a person has showcases his popularity on the social media application. There are various techniques which people are adopting in order to gain followers, from giving various incentives to the audience and also resorting to buying instagram followers if previous seems like a hard task. To buy instagram likes one has to get in touch with various media houses, online sites or even applications which offer such services. However there is a difference between merely buying instagram followers to buying real active instagram followers. For instance the previous group of people will have a presence but they won be concerned since after all they do not have a direct affiliation or connection with the account holder. Active followers though would be actually interested in keeping an account of their account holder and would wait for him/her to post the next snippet from their life. A picture, video, story or whatever shows the celebrities routine.

Following are 7 effective ways through which one can attain more instagram followers without the hassle of spending money.

1. The account holder can hold a contest which is a sure way to gain people’s attention. Everyone likes to win big someway or the other and through such a contest one strikes a jackpot. This is not even a laborious task, all one has to do is like the picture, follow the mentioned account and a few other minimal requirements and one becomes eligible for the contest. Meanwhile the account holder cheerfully basks in the attention of the audience.

2. One can promote his/her instagram account on the other social networking sites like