Andrei Mihalache

Herning, Denmark


I'm Andrei and I come from Romania. I am a pattern designer in formation and I study at TEKO Design and Business school in Herning, Denmark.

I've graduated from high school in my home town with the speciality of natural sciences. But, I have always had an attraction towards the arts, whether they are acting or fashion.

That is why, after finishing high school I came to Denmark to pursue this dream - of becoming a great artist!

Among my hobbies, I enjoy cycling and cooking. I can say that sometimes I just do this more that my school work. :)

Also, I can say that I'm a very optimistic and humorous person. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing comedy. :)

But behind this all funny face, I could say there lays a good spirit, because all of my shows and actions that I have done until now, they all had the same purpose: CHARITY. I am very fond of helping people and I never thought of it as a responsability, but more as of a duty.

Whenever I have or been given the opportunity, I do whatever is in my power to help those in need. My past also consists of many volunteer work among many branches of charity.

From ecological and environmental work to social work among children and elderly.

With all this said I hope you get my point, which is: be kind, be fun, be helpful!

Love y'all and wish you the best!

Andrei M.

  • Work
    • VIA University, TEKO Design and Business School
  • Education
    • VIA University, TEKO Design and Business School
    • National College "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"
    • Secondary School "Mihai Eminescu"