Amol Sahasrabudhe

Chief Risk Officer in Scotch Plains, NJ

Amol Sahasrabudhe has always been fascinated by risk. After all, the inherent uncertainty in investments creates the opportunity for alpha — or outperformance. And so, throughout his career, he has focused on managing risks at multiple high-level investment firms.

To do this, he has developed strategies, worked with technology and analytics, and counselled portfolio managers worldwide on reaching alpha for investment portfolios. The experience garnered throughout his career includes:

  • Constructing complex portfolios
  • Establishing volatility frameworks and gross exposure bands
  • Performing in-depth analyses
  • Modernizing data management systems
  • Maintaining relations with investors and portfolio managers through due diligence, business development skills, and marketing techniques

Sahasrabudhe is a technology wizard. He has experience with multiple specialized programs and technology types, including Systems: Algorithmics; RiskMetrics; Bloomberg; Imagine; Deltix; Murex; Axioma; FinCAD; and Barra. Software development: Matlab; Perl; Unix Shell; C#; SQL; and Excel/VBA. He is also proficient in Advent Geneva, Morgan Fund Services, MIK Fund Solutions, EZE Castle/ConvergEx, Paladyne, and Novus.

Portfolio: Sahasrabudhe

  • Education
    • NYU Stern School of Business