Amol Kamble

Navi mumbai

This is A.K from Mumbai (India) born on 13th dec 1983, My journey of music begins at the age of 10. Since my childhood I have started taking music lessons for vocal and instrument.
Through my journey I had came across different and great music artists and their musical style. But I wanna stand little aside being musical icon, I am trying my best to be unique entertainer. I had many live shows and musical events so far.
As every body knows music is like a sea as we enter in it we could never find an end. So it means it is a huge and creative.
Since my journey I had done music Composing, Arranging, and live shows. My only aim to provide my best music to my Great supporters and fans.
Music is the great healing source for all the evils in the universe it makes feel better and energetic.
So friends get ready to discover my music which keeps me all time happy and energetic and of-course wanna put same impact on my all Supporters and Music lovers.

So Friends Wanna go on the Cloud Nine ! Wanna Rock !

Just get ready with small slogan "We Wanna Rock !" and "We will Rock You"

Greetings from A.K

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