Amol Kher

My word is curious. The background picture is a shot I took at Positano, Italy in 2011, after leaving Google and eventually jumping into startups.

I am an avid Pentaxian, because I own too many lenses. I can be convinced to move to another camera system but just never find enough time to do it.

I have been privileged to work at some fantastic companies such as Exterprise, Commerce One, Microsoft, Google, Netflix. I currently lead an engineering team at Weight Watchers after they bought my company, Wello in 2014.

I am passionate about technology, chess, food, soccer and my family in that exact reverse order.

I am always learning new things and my latest is IoT. I dream of making my home fully automated one of these years. I am never shy to network and offer any help I can.

Positano is where I want to retire.