Amol Lokhande

Hi! Friends,

I'm Amol Lokhande. I'm from India. I hold master's degree in Zoology from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Currently I'm working as a Assistant Professor.

I believe in enjoying each and every moment of life as nothing is permanent in this world. We all are temporary here. So just forget all the things and live your true life is what I think.

I prefer to keep myself away from rush of the cities and enjoys my life at jungles of India where I feel myself very relaxed and comfortable. I love to spend much time in the jungle listening twits of birds, sound of water, floating breeze and beautiful hills covered by green blanket. I live my real life here . Taking wild life snaps is one of my very favorite hobbies.

Also I like to do following things :

Painting and Making Sketches (Expert Level)

Making Short Films (Socio-Environmental)

Film Critic (Off-Beat Movies)

Bird Watching and Wild Life Photography

Trekking and Travelling

Reading Biographies of Successful people

My Favorite Quote is :

"Tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live" - Norman Cousins

Thank you very much for visiting my page. Please feel free to write me.

Have A Great Day!