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Buckhead, Georgia

Respect to "Wendell Teal" Let me introduce you to this Phenomenal Woman. Ayesha Simmons, aka AMoney, has risen to the top against all odds. She’s the CEO of Thickemz Entertainment LLC. She’s also the host of the AMoney Show Train radio broadcast and Senior Host on QS4 Unchained Radio/KHURN/KHDB International Radio. In addition to her entrepreneurial and hosting responsibilities, AMoney is also a model, promoter, talent scout and writer. AMoney was born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Rochester, New York. Her desire to become greater than her circumstances began at the age of 5. It was then she was placed in a foster home where she joined her younger brother and sister. While in foster care, she saw Michael Jackson on television. She had dreams of singing and dancing like him. She was also drawn into entertainment as she watched her father’s singing group. She was fascinated by the way they sang and dressed. This further convinced her the entertainment road was the road she wanted to travel. Influenced by Allah, Mary J. Blige and Anita Baker, AMoney continued to move forward despite all of the obstacles she had encountered. Seeing the beauty and strength in those who influenced her at a young age, AMoney set out to prove herself. In March 2011, Thickemz Entertainment LLC, an entertainment and modeling agency, was born. That was followed by the start of her radio show The AMoney Show Train in March 2012. Some of the guests that have climbed aboard the AMoney Train are Dave Tolliver (Men At Large), Rodney Perry (The Monique Show) and Eric Nolan Gant (O’Jays) and Levert II just to name a few. The most recent addition to AMoney’s resume is becoming A&R and radio host for Independent Music Group-Gulf Coast. AMoney’s business wings spread far and wide. In addition to her entertainment related endeavors, she’s the founder of Ladiez of Essence – a non-profit organization addressing the needs of displaced women and a reentry program for women in prison. She’s also the co-owner, along with her husband Yah-Yah, of Oh Happy Day Cleaning. For AMoney there is no limit. She continues to move forward and strive for perfection. She’s definitely a train that can’t be stopped. Updates!!!Amoney Train Music Llc/Ingroove A&R Team MashnPublic Relation . I Like That Music home of llc platinum and gold aartist A&R Protect Ya Neck Record/ Wu Tang Management A&R PMG/IIngroovesT.V. Producer Five Star Media PETRI . MagazineAffiliate1017 Brick Squad

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