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Amore Love

Hairstylist, Model, and Youtube in San Francisco, California

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When is comes to Hair Amore Love is Known for her fabulous blow-dries, vibrant color formulas, and seamless Extensions. She can take on the TOUGHEST clients and hair models, and still achieve the perfect look. No Bed-head is a challenge for this Hair Genie.

When Modeling she is fearless in front of ANY lens. From Cat Walks to Studio shoots she struts her stuff so gracefully. With a lean physique showing off her beautiful lines, and curviture she can take on any style of modeling. From life style, to glamour shots, to fitness. Book Amore Love and you'll surely be pleased

As far as Beauty Blogging goes, Amore does not hold out on her beauty tips and tricks. Showing Young ladies every where how to take care, and manage there hair. She gives great advice about hair skin and nails; And always shows off her latest favorite products! Be sure to support Amore by subscribing to her channel on youtube.

Focused and dedicated to her crafts with great pride and responsibility. Now how can you beat that!

  • Work
    • Insignia Hair Salon
  • Education
    • Alameda Beauty Collge
    • Oakland High School