LG Washing Machine

I don't know where all the bad reviews come from, maybe it's arandom freak oddities but I love love love my machine! I learned the hard wayto turn off the faucet after the tub is done filling up, I left it on the wholewash cycle for the first few loads (all back to back mind you) and flooded theapt downstairs. That and we have super old plumbing.

Overall, I am moderately pleased with this product. The quick sinkadaptor that the product came with was slightly bent, and was therefore notsealing properly around my faucet.

haier portable washer works great really impresed with the qualityof the product were i live all the tenants pay partial of the water bill so isave some money with thise product the actual laundry room people wash petblankets that's dirty. im not putting my clothes in there.

Great little washer for apartments. It is hard to gauge theappropriate amount of laundry detergent since washer load sizes are so tiny.

Always have, I am not supposed to have a lgwashing machine 0e errorin my apt, but with a baby on the way, I refuseto go to the laundry. I used to drop it off and pay he lady, but it was $40 aweek, so this will pay for itself in less than 2 months.

Great machine exactly as ordered. Clothes are clean and themachine is very quiet. It's now the first of May and the machine is stillrunning perfectly.

Let me say I wasnt sure about my choice in buying online where Icould not see the washer, and with all the mixed reviews I was really scaredabout what i just done. I call it my baby washer and no one is aloud to makefun of its small size. Its the best thing ive bought and would tell anyone in asmall apt to invest in this little washer, it cleans and i don't hear itrunning.I have it hooked to my kitchen sink were I can move it around its justgreat.

We have been using this washer for a half and a year to washdiapers and baby clothes in our apartment and it is AWESOME! When we werelooking for an apartment washer, we saw a few mixed reviews for this one.Another nice feature is that the spin cycle is really effective (I would saymore than a regular washer) so the clothes/diapers come out fairly dry.

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