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Germany, Frankfurt Am Main


I was born in March 1985 in Bremen and have attended kindergarten, primary school as well as secondary school. After I finished my degree, I started various projects. Among other things, I started an apprenticeship as a technical design , but felt very quickly that this was not challenging enough. Unfortunately I could not afford to study further, so I tried my hand at artwork, studying and learning on my own. The results of which can be found here on my site, on the Gallery-Page
Like many others, I also have my hobbies, this includes drawing, naturally. I am working learning music as well though not sure yet if I'm to be only a listener or composer.

What do I offer?

I provide artistically services and will draw an image based on your needs and wishes. These drawings can range from a simple sketch to full color and detailed art of quality high enough for printing and framing.
Examples and a list of prices can be found here.
I can draw almost anything. Though naturally, being human, I cannot do everything equally as well as some.
I can draw quadrupeds, Anthro, Human, Fantasy creatures, and landscapes. Though my strengths lie in more natural quadrupeds and Anthro's with fur. This does not mean that I would not draw other creatures. If you are interested in anything, simply ask, I will be honest as to how well I can complete your request.

Honestly, I do not feel I'm doing objects or mechanical things any good. An old stone building is fine but modern skyscrapers and the like are things I struggle with. I won't turn down work containing these items, however, and I do strive to get better at them.
With regard to image content, I can draw anything from family friendly “G rated” pieces to adult only situations. As for adult drawings, I can work in most fetishes and situations, however I will not draw unesthetic, perverted or pathologically distincted hardcore arts. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact me for specifics.

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