Rolanda Amos

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Rolanda Amos grew up and currently resides in the Nashville, TN area. Her combination of familiarity and continued research into the investing market gives her company a distinct advantage. Rolanda has been a licensed Realtor since 2001, active real estate investor since 2006, virtual real estate investor, entrepreneur, and owner of Jabez Real Estate Investors, LLC. She has also earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Tennessee State University. She has also served in the United States Navy. Rolanda has had extensive experience dealing with people and solving complex problems which have proven to be a great contribution to her success as a real estate investor.

Rolanda's currently goals are to continue to cultivate and develop her investment businesses by continues to network, increase brand marketing, and close 30 deals in 2014. She is also working towards obtaining her PHP (Professional Housing Provider) certificate by attending numerous events sponsored by the TN Real Estate Investors Network.
Rolanda is a thinker and visionary. These qualities allow her to identify trends and changes in the real estate market, but not only to identify them but to also plan a course of action. Her thirst and zeal for learning and acquiring new information keeps her abreast of current events, new strategies, and finding solutions.

When not doing real estate deals, you can find Rolanda traveling, fishing, boating, doing most outdoors activities and spending quality time with family and friends.

  • Education
    • Business Management