Ahmad Mostafa

I'm a little boy who has big dreams.
My driving force is just two things "Islam & Egypt ".
I'm Quite but Crazy, Lazy but Hard Worker, Kind but Mean.
Helpful, Dreamer, Loyal, Smiley, Enthusiastic, Free, Optimistic, Adventurer & a Good Leader.
I love Football, Swimming, Reading, Traveling, Animation, Graphic Design, Voluntrring Work & Science.
I love to Keep It Simply Stupid.
I want to own a Bicycle, but I don't have proper place to park it in. ^_^
My favorite color is Yellow, my favorite animals is (Elephant, Buffalo
& Dolphin).
I'm a Chemical Engineering Undergraduate, Junior Graphic Designer & I believe that if you want to change the world you have to develop yourself first.
Now I'm the president of GO "Get Opportunity"
(A Student Activity in Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University)
You can know more about us from here