Amos White

Nonprofit Executive, Environmentalist, and Climate Change Strategist in San Francisco, California

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Amos White

Environmental Executive
& Climate Evangelist

I work in urban forestry at the intersection of climate, environment, technology, equity and health. My day gig is with 100K Trees for Humanity in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. And I advance California policy on climate, equity, urban forests, urban agriculture and public health, where serve on:

​* California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee (CUFAC /Cal Fire)

* Alameda County Agricultural Advisory Committee​​, Urban Ag Chair

* Alameda Health Care District Community Advisory Committee

* Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network (BayCAN)

* Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA)

The arts keep me balanced. I'm a published haiku poet and author, and produce arts and literary panels and shows, bringing creatives, academics, scientist and the public together for transformational experiences.

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~Amos White
Founder & Chief Planting Officer
100K Trees for Humanity

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