Andrew Mottershead


You’re probably very busy so here’s the short version of me: Hi! I'm a freelance web developer, traditional carpenter and hotelier.

Like most of us, I was born. Some years later I created my first website. I love traveling and have settled in Chile, a long way from my native England.

Macondo Development -I have worked as a freelance developer for more than 10 years - have a passion for all things tech, good design, successful websites.

Macondo Construction -What was once a hobby has also become a passion for me. I am working on offgrid low cost models of constuction here in Chile.

Macondo Hospitality -My partner Kareen and I run a "Residencial" next to the beach here in Cartagena, Chile. A unique location. We also rent a traditional cabaña next to Lago Rapel, well away from everything.

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