Aurélie J. Moulin

Aurélie J. Moulin

I am a PhD candidate in Physical Oceanography at Oregon State University. My research involves looking at small-scale processes to understand how heat and freshwater get mixed at the surface of the equatorial oceans. The specifics of my dissertation involve the mechanisms and time scale of the dissipation of rain puddles in the ocean, the amount of heat accumulated during the day and its fate after sundown, and the daily cycle of turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate (a big word that means the efficiency of the ocean at mixing things away). In short, I look at the dissipation of stuff through mixing at the surface of equatorial oceans.

When I'm not working in the office or on a research cruise I fancy my friends, my blue Doberman Neptune and traveling. Who wouldn't?

I am on a perpetual quest to understand *anything*, there isn't enough time in a day to answer my questions about life, science, the world, humanity, and the Ocean. Most of what I do is in the hope to add a piece to the giant puzzle of life. So, if I'm lucky, I'll get a job that lets me do research about the ocean at the office, travel the world to do more research from the sea, all while meeting people from every horizons.

I'm also an aspiring storyteller:

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