Amour Genesis

Amour Genesis

Genesis A. Emery is quickly becoming one of Chicago's hottest "It Girls"! She hosts and produces her own show, "The Glamorous Life," interviewing some of Chicago's biggest fashion and beauty powerhouses, such as fashion designer, Borris Powell; Omar Villalobos and Gordana Rasic of Goca Designs and even celebrities such as actress, Kim Coles.

Genesis also enjoys covering and hosting some of the city's best events. What started off as just a few local modeling jobs, quickly grew into a full-fledged brand that has become Amour Genesis. Amour Genesis was created in February 2011 shortly after she graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor's degree in PR/Advertising and a minor in Marketing. Genesis has always had a love of fashion, beauty and the French culture so she thought the name, "Amour Genesis" was certainly appropriate for her brand. Learning French in the 7th grade, Genesis is now fluent in the language and has visited the beautiful cities of Paris, Tours and Lyons, France and can't wait to go back. She has also recently travelled to Spain and Ghana and has plans to expand the company internationally in the near future.

The brand is focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle and also supporting women and teen girls by encouraging them to "Love Being Beautiful." Her focus is also on health and wellness where she is a brand ambassador for several products. Amour Genesis will create its own beauty and health products soon as well as a fashion line and other great ventures to come. Genesis hit the ground running and has no plans to slow down anytime soon!

The Amour Genesis brand caters to women of all different ages, ethnic groups, physical appearances, social backgrounds and sexual orientations. In addition to helping women all of ages, Amour Genesis has a passion for inspiring teen girls to pursue their dreams and reach for endless heights through her talented hosting services; avid spokesmodeling and brand ambassador work; beauty, fashion and lifestyle media coverage; and community relations involvement and charity work. Amour Genesis firmly believes that all women should feel beautiful and love every part about themselves regardless of society's expectations and stereotypes of beauty and image.

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