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Just Amelia...

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

So this is like our whole life wrapped up into ONE page huh?! I've got a lot I could put on this page but I'd rather not bore you. I can say one thing for sure though .... I LOVE LIFE! I have an amazing family and I have many lifelong friends. I have also discarded many an enemy along the way. I've loved, lost and won. I bought, sold, created, built up and destroyed.... I'm human! I believe in human rights, but I'm not a protestor, I believe in civil liberties but I'm not a marcher, and I believe in freedom for all but I don't vote. If someone needs help, I will always try to help. I LOVE fundraising and making people smile. I love to sing, I love to write.... my life has been surrounded by music since birth, my mind is a musical and I am a hopeless romantic. I love riding motorcycles, (yes, I ride my own) I love the fall and holidays in general.... Phlebotomist * Media junkie * Lover of Lyrical Literature.* Coffee? #Phlebotomist #Blessed #HarleyDavidson #OITNB #NYGiants

I believe in God. He is my maker and the one who wrote my book. Without him, I am nothing. He has blessed me with an amazing life and everything that I am.

DISCLAIMER: I will not shove my beliefs down your throat, please afford me the same respect. :)


Musical Influences: Janis Joplin, #JoanArmatrading, #ToniChilds Barbra Streisand, #MelissaEtheridge, #IndigoGirls, KD Lang, #BruceSpringsteen, CSNY, Zepplin

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