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Amoye Henry

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Dictionary Definition: Amoye Henry; pronounced ‘ah-moy-ye’ ‘hen-ree’ –

A 26 year old project pilot professional from Toronto whose simple life purpose is to create and manage projects.

Purpose: I live to create. I knew I had a life purpose ever since being a

child, little did I know that every day I was lucky enough to wake up, I was

managing creative platforms.

Pilot: I have successfully executed projects which range in complexity. I have planned anything from engagement showers and weddings to conventions, congress meetings, media and pr events and large community-focused exhibits to the calendars of senior executives in both the non-profit sector and in Corporate Canada. I greet every challenge I’m faced with an insatiable desire to solve it. I am satisfied only after the job gets done to mutual satisfaction. Visit to view my Project Pilot resume.

Formal Education: For Highschool went to Etobicoke School of Arts where I majored in Music performance and Music Theory. I am a classically trained (but non practicing) violist and pianist. I graduated McMaster University in 2010 with a degree in Political Science and a concentration inCommunications. I recently completed a Project Management course at U of T’s School of Continuing Studies.

I aspire to complete an MBA at a world

renowned school of business.

Open book: I am using this website as a platform to connect with potential clients likeminded individuals, old, new, and future friends as well as engage, entertain, and advertise my creative work as a project pilot. As an adventure seeker, culture enthusiast, and student of the universe, I am
constantly looking for new and exciting ways to both explore and improve the world around me.

My Blog: To read about my love and adoration for food, travel, saving money and my journey in and through love, check out my personal blog/ tumblr page –

My Businesses:

To order products from my cosmetic and swimwear/lingerie line Cosmic Kiss


  • Work
    • Health Care, Non-Profit, Creative, Marketing, Even
  • Education
    • McMaster University.
    • University of Toronto