Amanda Peters

Clinton Township, MI

I especially don't like when people define themselves by their occupation because it really restricts personal identity and growth. That being said, I am a human female from the little blue-green planet called Earth. I like to design things, from physical paintings to websites. I also enjoy learning how stuff works.

My Values

Honesty: Trust must be earned in most types of relationships by people with personal integrity. Not only am I a terrible liar but also I have a serious, sometimes annoying, moral compass that keeps me on track.

Patience: In today's world it is so easy to get stressed out. Hey that guy cut me off! @$&^.!! I've learned over the years that it's much better for my health, and break pads, to keep calm and take mundane situations lightly. I can even keep zen-master calm under serious situations.

Kindness: From a young age I was not always the nicest person due to my warped sense of humor. However, I never intentially tried to hurt people. Over the years I've realized that acts of outwards kindness really can change the world for the better, and now I strive to live conscientuous of others.

My friends would say that I am a unique individual with the capacity to be both highly entertaining and brightly passionate when something captures my interest.

  • Education
    • Baker College