Abby Marie Peterson

a sophomore at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, currently majoring in Music Education alongside with Chinese. i know, an odd combination! i am hoping to study abroad during next year's spring in London.

inspiration: family, friends, oh and not to mention... Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson!

attending CSB/SJU has been the time of my life. great friends, great music, great education. :) working for the school's music department has been a dream and i can't wait to continue studying here these next few years. i am so lucky to have the life i do. amazing friends and family always help a college student get through the stress. god bless you all. <3

life's goals: not really sure yet. i hope to finish my degree in music education for starters and then hopefully attend grad school. gaining a job as a choral education teacher would be amazing, so cross your fingers and wish at 11:11. thanks.