Vest Sigmon

When I first noticed the name Dungen I was somewhat put off thinking that these guys would be some type of foolish death metal band but it turns out Dungen is in fact Swedish for the Grove. Discover extra info on the affiliated paper - Click here: mike miz discussions. Dungen is mainly the work of singer and numerous instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes who creates most of Dun... The most recent record from Swedish psychedelic rockers Dungen is Tio Bitar which is set to be formally introduced in May possibly of this year, 2007. This is their first album since 2004s T-a Det Lugnt. Guitar Amplifier Talk includes more concerning when to study it. I was a little delay convinced that these men would be some type of ridiculous death metal band when I first noticed the name Dungen but as it happens Dungen is really Swedish for the Grove. Dungen is certainly caused by the job of musician and multiple instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes who creates all Dungens music and records many critical parts himself. Dungens tracks have an analog sound to them. Very warm and welcoming. Their music sounds very alive is very refreshing in the digital age. That said I dont think its fair to just identify Dungen as retro psychedelic rock sung in Swedish because theres a genuine feeling of innovation and creativity with their music as well. As a big fan of Dungens last record I was very excited to listen to this new release upon its early trickle. Tio Bitar starts with a course that is titled simply Intro and this music gets such as an absolute load of stones with a searing guitar solo that comes near melting time itself. Among the hottest album openers Ive heard in some time now. If you are in just about any kind of daze it causes you to attention. The flute with loads of delay is a good feel when theres nothing left to melt to fall in to the course. A lovely instance of psychedelic rock. This is an instrumental monitor as theres really no place left for vocals because of all of the stone that occupies all of the available space. The recording does not have any tracks I think but among the stand outs are track #3 Gor Det Nu which dates back and forth from strong rock to some kind of half time looking chorus. Theres a fantastic mixture of strong guitar steel with very subtle keyboard sounds in this course (and in many of the others on the album.) I havent spoken much of the voca