Amr Anwar Hassan

My Name Amr Anwar , Born on 12th , 1991 In Aswan , Egypt But lives In 10th Of ramdan City

Student at faculty of Engineering Mechatronics Department , i am so interested in music , songs , politics , reading and Engineering , i cant stop thinking about everything around me .

I also like social networking and how you can make friend & buddies from them. I'm on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn so please if you want to contact me please feel free to get me from those social networks.

I Luv FRindSHip . REally LIke 2 MAke Frinz And I LUv All MA Frinz So0o Mutch...mwah

I Believe In Allah ... I'm Muslim Arabian Egyptian Boy and I'm so Proud


Mobile 01117487345 - 01015270560