Aamir Pasha

So i went to starbucks to get some coffee, i get on the line and notice that the girl that's working there is very cute. naturally i want to lay my game on her, acquire the digits, etc... (u know the drill). While im in the line i'm thinking of somethign witty to say to her to impress her. here is how the convo went between me and her: Me: Hey, coffee Her: How would u like your coffee? Me: I like my coffee exactly the way i like my ....., light & sweet. Her: Hehe ok She was smiling and everything, i was 2 mints away from getting the digits while this africa-american girl spoke from behind ruining the fucken whole scene: African-American woman: Black girls don't like you anyway. Me: fuckkkkk this bitch... <-- (in my head) After that the light & sweet girl didn't even speak, i got my coffee gave her the smile and left. That african-american woman just ruined it, i wish she gets jumped by 12 angry 6th graders.