Amrie Calhoun

live day to day, live each day to its fullest, live today as if it were your last day, live with love and laughter, live a dog eat dog lifestyle, living on the edge, live as if you were alive, living a lie, living to eat-eating to live, living a love lost or, a love lost- living life, life is a bowl of cherries, life seen through rose colored glasses, life is for the living, life is a precious gift, live and let live, life lived through other eyes, living with christ, life through religion, living proof, life and death, life insurance, living will, life and a natural life style, one life for one life (an eye for an eye), living single, life as we know it, life cereals, life time expectancy- expecting a life, living an alternate life style, living at home- life on your own, living a married life- married with children, living with poverty- lifestyles of the rich and famous, life has purpose- the purpose of my life, a life rewarded with lifes' riches- living is lifes richest reward! However,one leads their life, whatever the choices of this life-time: Live the life meant for you- love this life- laugh at life! -as much as possible-