Amrinder Pal Singh Chahal

It all started in a small town in the northern part of India called Ambala. I was born on 16 April 1987 but things were not normal at that time. when i was only few days old i suffered from pneumonia and the doctors said " If he survives the night only then there is some chance that he can live otherwise hope is very less". Well i did survive only because of the prayers of me parents. from then on I started what we call life.

I wasn't really a bright student but wasn't really bad either. I did my schooling from various parts of India because my Dad was working in air force and he got posted every 3 years. But from all of these places that I did my schooling, Srinagar is my favourite place till date. I finished my high school from my hometown Ambala and then applied for admission in Diploma to Degree program in Australia.