Amrita Singh

Amrita's approach to Coaching and Training has evolved as a result of over 12 years experience in the field of Human Empowerment.

After completing a Masters in Psychology, Amrita worked closely with clients to assist them overcome their fears and deep rooted Self belief issues, instead focusing on empowering them and sharing tools they could use daily to maximise their potentials.

Having coached and trained for various organisations such as Citibank, HSBC, CIMR and SVKM among others, she got the opportunity to add to her experience, working with Managers, entrepreneurs and students.

In her words, Amrita says, 'My greatest observation about people has been, their innate need to be loved and accepted. So long as they are able to fulfill this need, no task or situation is unachievable for them.'
This observation over time has led her to create modules addressing some very core concerns in human behaviour.

She has conducted workshops based on these modules for individuals as well as organisations. Her approach is simple yet deep, going to the root cause of a person's emotional construct.

Her one-on-one coaching sessions follow the same principle of her training workshops; that of internalising situations, emotions, thoughts, fears, aspirations and goals, before one can begin to externalise them.

Outside of work, Amrita is extremely passionate about the empowerment of animals. She volunteers with NGOs working for stray animals and their rehabilitation, and projects globally that help create awareness and sustenance of wildlife and nature conservation.