Amrita Rajput


Fair-Tan Skin Tone
Dyed Long Curly hair
Dark Brown big eyes
Height: 162cm
Weight: 53KG

[Updated 23-06-2011]

I am a good conversationalist. An Inspired English Lyric Writer. I am a Poet. I Write songs, and raps. I love to rhyme and make titles and plots of a movie.

Although my Ambition is to be a Liberal Journalist, i have a desire to express the equally innovative, side of me, as an Actress/ Model and Radio Jockey. My school, MDIS allows me to explore this side as their amenities are open for free usage to students that are under the Mass Communication School. Due to practice as well, i see my strengths in this fields. I believe under a Liberal platform, where views and opinion are allowed to be discussed, i would like to aspire my dreams there.

In general, Singapore's local Media Industry, Mediacorp would be an excellent place for me to achieve my goals. In this mission, as i am in the midst of completing my Mass Communication course, i plan to gain as much exposure in the industries as possible. Nothing can be achieved without dedication and responsible hardwork, therefore, if given the opportunity, i will work towards my career in the field and will do my best to uphold the pioneer image in me.

Amrita K. S. Singh