Dance makes people tired, exhausted, takes away their energy at the end of a performance... But dance gives me double the energy, makes me more lively, brings out my emotions and gives me the ability as well as the opportunity to express myself!

Dance has always connected me to people.. given me the opportunity to learn from, who I consider, some of the most beautiful dancers in the world.. and helped me built relationships filled with various different emotions!

Dance also introduced me to indian classical music.. singing and listening to people perform live, is therapy! These are probably my personal favorites of all my hobbies!!!

Although I am not an artist, I have a keen interest in painting, sketching or just capturing the moment in a photograph!

My professional life, gives me the satisfaction that I am taking a step towards trying to resolve medical concerns in today's world..but I gain confidence in everything I do, from my family as well as from dance. All of this put together, give me strength and make me a better person!

I have always admired young women entrepreneurs or people like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who have made a difference in the Biotech industry in India and I wish to be like them or maybe better someday..

I read something on these lines the other day... in short it said -"LIVE, don't just exist, since you never know if there will be a tomorrow"