AmritsVision Photography

A m r i t, the man behind the brand AmritsVision, is a fashion, portrait, beauty and commercial photographer. Amrit is also an Artist, consistently producing art parallel to his Photography.

Born in the north of England to an artistic family of Indian heritage. From a young age creativity, image and color was a huge part of everyday family life, and still makes a big inpact on Amrit's creations. Picking up the camera while studying advertising, it soon became an extension to his personality. A hobby that turned into a pursuit of an ideal.

A very creative individual with rather stupendous and uniquely random dreams. He Fashions concepts and images from his visual interest in the ordinary subjects of life and the world that surrounds it. He uses bursts of colour, movement, and perspective for that tint of visual resonance. Amrit relentlessly strives for perfection and continues to develop and refine his portfolio.
Amrit finds inspiration from all over the world, from science, astronomy to paintings and human behavior.

Some Amazing photographers/artists that inspire Amrit are: David Bailey, Richard Avedon, David Lachapelle, Melissa Rodwell, Nick Night, Van Gogh, Steven Meisel, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz, zhang Jingna, Mario Testino, Martin Munkacsi, Andy Warhol, Alexia Sinclair the list is endless.

'The soul never thinks without an image' - Aristotle.

Amrit is currently based in Leeds, England.

Ways to Keep intouch with Amrit and His Creativity Below.