Amr Radwan

Birthday: February 14, 1995 About: Amr Radwan Offcail Page Biography: Amr Radwan a success only in the Middle East but in the whole world. Amr Radwan's hard work and passion to creating stiedent and new stylized musical techniques was is ultimate School-ELGEAL-ELMOSLIM Amr RadwanOfficial Website contents Copyright 2010-2011 Personal Information : Cairo, EgyptRelease Date 1995 Genre Mediterranean Hometown tanta, EgyptRecord LabelRotanaAboutAmr Radwan's Official WebsitePageDescriptionAccording to BBC, specially Egypt . Amr Radwan, is the Founder of Mediterranean Amr Radwan was born on the 14th of fuebray, 1995 in tanta, Egypt.At the age of six, Amr sang at the July 23rd Festival in cairo, he was surprisingly awarded a guitar from the governor for his excellence.