Hello, it's Amr, i'm Seventeen, Videographer/Editor, FOOTBALL FREESTYLER, i've been freetyling for years, I was born in Cairo, Egypt and that's where i live now, i've got 2 sisters and a brother.

Here's some things beloved by me:

• Music.
• Video making.
• Photographing.
• Travelling.
• Home Workout.
• Eating.

i hate when:

• People pretend to be smarter than they think.
• Someone gets the fame of nothing special.
• i don't smile when someone beats me up, i feel unsatisfied, it's all for fun and joy.
• My beloved people think of me wrong, but i feel happy to be better than them as i don't think the same way.

There're 4# Simple rules for success:

1- Keep your head up.

2- Don't quit.

3- Work harder than yesterday.

4- Be creative.

I've got 7 goals in life maybe more:

1- RBSS, Superball Champion.

2- Football player at Arsenal or Real Madrid.

3- I want to build my own football academy.

4- I want to be a member of Redbull tour.

5- I want to meet David Beckham.

6- I want to be a president.

7- Motivational speaker.