Amrutha Ananth

Hey, internet friend! I'm Amrutha!

I’m passionate about life. Excitable, full of love, and incredibly grateful to have an awesome community of rockstar family & friends around the world to share my energy & enthusiasm. I live for bear hugs, music that speaks to your soul, and finding beauty in every day things.

I'm super geeked on all things social and am (seriously) thrilled to see so many groundbreaking platforms being created to support the exchange of goods, ideas and information. It's an exciting time to be alive, really.

I am usually very curious - I ask a lot of questions. I like thoughtful answers.While I am not writing about myself, I keep the ‘wolf away from the door’ by researching, analyzing, clairifying and producing communication tools that meaningfully meet business requirements, are manageable, and support corporate strategy.

While I will never relax enough to brag about how long I can meditate or hold a sun salutation, I can (in my leisure time) be found dunking my pizza in spicy mayo, searching the Internet for weirdly and often inappropriate information,walking along the beach with … the dog, or, on cold, drinking a coffee and pretending it’s actually July.

Well, thanks to the 'Digital' era, networking just got easier! Let's get creative, make better mistakes, and write a history we can all be proud of!