Amr Emad

Cairo, Egypt

I Always have a plan I know I will not regret if i fail Because I Always Have a Plan Sharing Is Caring ********************************* 28 From every month This day means a lot to me And my soulmate For ever ******************************** Take me away. A million miles away from here. Take me away. Find a place for you and me ********************************* ©Amr Mohamed ****************************** Hate :@ >> • Hypocrites • Being taken advantage of • mean jobs • broken relationships • Dishonesty • Flattery • Too many compliments • trusting strangers • Fake friends • Narcissism • Being late or waiting for someone is late • Orders • Misunderstandings • Explanations • moody friends • backstabbers • CHEATERS

  • Work
    • 3M Stores
  • Education
    • El Abasia High School
    • Muhammad Mitwalli al Sharawi High School
    • El Shahed Abd El Menam Wasl Prep School
    • Sabeel El Khazindar Prep School
    • El Shaheed Emad Aly Kamel Primary School